How To Grow Long Thick Hair

Do you know how to grow long thick hair??? I think many people don't know and they are doing wrong. Don't worry!!!  Change the way you deal with your hair and make a few lifestyle changes, and you'll be well on your hair to thick, lustrous, flowing locks.

Changing the Way You Treat Your Hair

  1. Avoid hot tools.
     It is certainly tempting to wrangle your locks into complete submission with the use of blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands, but these hot tools can actually be detrimental to adding length and thickness to your hair. 
  2. Stay away from hair dyes and relaxers.
     Just like heat, the chemicals present in dyes and relaxers are highly likely to cause breakage in your strands. What does this mean? Short, frizzy, and damaged looking hair. Stay away from these chemicals whenever.
  3. Limit hair washings. 
    The oil that causes hair to look greasy is called sebum, and is responsible for strengthening and adding nutrients to your scalp and locks. Therefore, if you’re washing your hair on a daily basis, you are removing the natural ingredient your body produces to help thicken and lengthen your hair. Space out hair washings as far as you can, and limit it to at least every other day.
  4. Wash your hair with cold water. 
    When you wash your face with cold water, it closes your pores and keeps them free of grime; your hair responds similarly when washed in cold water, by closing the cuticle of the hair and flattening out the scales. This makes your hair look better, makes it easier to manage, and keeps it healthier longer. 
  5. Use specialized hair products. 
    Not all hair products are made the same, and there are many on the market that are specifically for use in lengthening and thickening hair. Look for these as well as anti-frizz products; frizzy hair can give the illusion of short, thin hair. When possible though, look for hair products that contain all-natural or organic ingredients rather than harsh chemicals which could worsen your hair.

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