How To Style Short Hair For Girl

Short haircuts look great on girls of all ages, but many find their styling options limited. After all, ladies donning a short hairdo forgo the opportunity to braid their hair or wear it in a ponytail, top knot or bun. Believe it or not, there are still a ton of options when it comes to styling short hair. All you need are a few ideas to get started.

Curling Short Hair

  1. Gather small-sized sponge, plastic or hot rollers. You may want to practice using them before it's time to style your hair. Looking into a mirror, try winding your hair around a curler and securing it with a hair pin. Some types of rollers slip out of short hair, so you'll want to experiment with securing them.
  2. Wash or wet your hair before rolling it. Apply a styling product such as mousse, styling spray or curling cream. Particularly if you're not using heat, hair must begin wet in order to set it with rollers. If you're using hot rollers, you may still want to wet your hair and apply mousse or another styling product before drying it.
    Roll sections of hair. Begin at the front of your hair and work backward, rolling small sections at a time. Roll sections measuring about 1 inch each, just enough hair to wind around the middle of the curler.
    • Some hair may be too short to roll. In that case, you can still add a curl to the tip of your hair by wrapping just the end around part of the roller.
    • Instead of using rollers, you can also twist strands of wet hair with your fingers. Once those twists dry, they can be unwound, resulting in gorgeous spiral curls.
  3. Allow the rollers to dry. You can either blow dry your rolled hair or allow it to air dry. Make sure the hair is completely dry before you remove the rollers.
    • If you are curling your hair with hot rollers, make sure the rollers are completely cold before removing them.
  4. Remove the rollers and style your hair. Remove rollers in whatever order you like, although most find it easiest to remove rollers beginning from the back of the head and moving forward. Hair is ready to style however you like, whether it's left a curly pixie, pinned back or brushed forward.

Straightening Short Hair

  1. Choose how you want to straighten your short curly hair. You may be able to straighten your bob with product and a comb, or your hair might require heat to smooth out.
  2. Wash and condition your hair with products designed for curly locks. Curly hair can easily frizz, especially when styled with heat. Specialized shampoo can help it stay sleek and smooth.
  3. Apply hair product such as mousse, silicon cream or straightening serum to wet hair. Brush or comb the product through your hair, concentrating on the ends. The heavier the serum, the straighter it will keep your hair.
    • If your hair is only slightly curly, you may be able to straighten it with mousse and a straightening comb alone. Skip the hair dryer, and instead allow your hair to air dry with the serum distributed through it.
    • Straighten your hair with a flat iron. A flat iron allows you to straighten every curl, regardless how short. Isolate 1- to 2-inch sections of dry hair. Clamp the flat iron around each section at your scalp, then slowly drag it downward to the ends of your hair. Repeat for each section of hair.
  4. Apply a finishing product to your hair. Because curly hair tends to frizz after heat is applied, you should complete your straight style by applying a pea-sized amount of pomade wax to your locks. The pomade not only adds weight to your hair, but it also seals out moisture that could frizz your straight style.

Pinning Short Hair

  1. Style your short hair with pins. Whether you wear your short hair curly or straight, you can add extra style by pinning it in a variety of positions. With bobby pins, you can twist your locks or set them up or back.
    • Get a good supply of bobby pins in different lengths. They can fall out easily and you'll need different lengths depending on how much hair you're pulling back.
    • Spray dry shampoo or texture spray on your bobby pins so they are less likely to slip out of your hair.
    • Remember that bobby pins should be used with the wavy side facing your scalp since the ridges are there to grip your hair and lock everything in place.
  2. Pin up your bangs. Brush your bangs, or the hair closest to your face, out towards the ceiling and pull them back on the top of your head, leaving a little poof. Just tease the section of hair from temple to temple, and then push it against where you normally part your hair to increase lift. Secure the bangs with bobby pins or a barrette.
  3. Twist and pin sections of short hair haphazardly. Once you've created and pinned a poof with your bangs, you can create a messy but stylish updo with the rest of your hair. Simply grab 1- to 2-inch sections of hair, twist them, and secure them in random places with bobby pins. Insert the pins into your hair and rotate them the opposite direction of your hair twist in order to hide the pin.
    • To achieve a tighter style and hide you pins, just point the open end of the pin against the direction that your hair is pulled. Then rotate the pin so the open end is now facing the same direction as the hair, and push it in toward your head to secure it.The pins will not only pull your hair tighter but also be unnoticeable beneath your tresses.
  4. lip a section of your short hair. If you have enough length, pull your hair into a very small "deer tail" at the back. Secure it in place with a large clip or several bobby pins underneath it.
  5. Twist your bangs or fringe. If you don't have enough hair to braid it, try twisting it instead. Simply remove the fringe off your face by gradually winding small sections of it. Pin the coiled strands in place with bobby pins.
    Sweep your hair to one side. Part your hair to one side, then brush the shorter half behind your ear before carefully securing it with bobby pins. Add volume to the opposite side by backcombing your roots with a comb and applying hairspray to set the style in place. For extra texture, curl your hair with a curling iron before styling it
  6. Use bobby pins with ribbons or jewels on them. No matter how you pin your hair, the ribbons will add style and cuteness. You can even add a goth or punk twist to your hairstyle with black or purple designs.

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