Winter Hair Care Is Your Hair Ready?, it's getting cold outside! It's that time of the year we snuggle into our hats and scarves to keep warm and cozy during the winter months.

If you're living in a place where winter weather exists, then you're probably all too familiar with the effects that dry and cold winter air conditions can have on the hair. We're talking dryness, static, frizz, and generally lack of that summerlicious looking hair.

So, how do we minimize these harsh winter effects and keep our hair beautiful and shiny, you ask? Read on, as we share some of our favourite winter hair care tips with you.

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

If you haven't heard this tip enough already, we're stressing its importance once again. Especially in the colder months, the indoor heating tends to take a lot of moisture out and dry the hair out, sometimes also leaving a dry flaky scalp. Using leave-in conditioners and deep moisturizing masks (for example, argan oil and jojoba oil) at least a few times a month will replenish your hair with the moisture that it needs and prevent from breakage, leaving your hair soft and shiny.

  • Experiencing static electricity fly-aways?

To avoid a static party on your head, a simple trick is to keep a regular anti-static laundry dryer sheet with you. Lightly swipe it over the fly-aways and enjoy your static-free hairdo. How neat is that? Simple and effective.

  • Avoid frequent hair washes

Over washing your hair will strip it of its natural oils, which you especially need in the colder months. Try to extend the period between your washes as much as possible, and use dry shampoo in between to keep your hair looking fresh. And of course, remember to use conditioner each time! If needed, it's always better to rinse your hair with conditioner only, skipping the shampoo altogether.

  • Rushing out the door with wet hair?

Think again. Although this may be a regular thing in the warmer months, exposing wet hair to cold temperatures may freeze it and damage it, eventually causing breakage. In general, it is a great idea to protect your hair from the weather by tucking it underneath your scarf and hat. The less exposure to weather elements, the better.

  • Resist the dullness

With the dry and cold conditions, your locks can start looking a little dull. One tip is to use products for colour treated hair in order to revitalize that shine. Another, which is a more natural route, is to use the good old apple cider vinegar! It will make your hair oh so shiny.


All in all, avoid products containing silicone, sulfate, and alcohol. Use conditioning masks. Avoid blow drying and applying heat as much as possible during the winter. As you know, your hair does get exposed to the weather conditions quite a lot - and it only makes sense to pay special attention to it by keeping it nourished, protected and moisturized.

Does your hair care routine change during the winter months? Do you have any tips to share with us? Comment below, as it will help all of us learn about how we can have gorgeous healthy hair, even in the dry brittle cold.

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