Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, odds are you either embrace it wholeheartedly or wish to the hair gods that it were different. After all, big curls are a blessing, but they’re not always easy to manage. That’s why we swept the blogosphere to put together these nine hair tutorials. Each of these styles takes less than five minutes, yet they somehow produce chic, Pinterest-worthy results. Scroll through to the end of this list; there’s a 98% chance you’ll fall back in love with your curls.

  • Two-Part Updo

This updo looks edgy AF, but it’s actually hilariously simple. Even better, it requires zero heat styling. 

step 1. Divide your hair into two equal sections: one in front and one in back.

step 2. Create a tight side ponytail with the back section of your hair.

step 3. Apply a dollop of curl defining cream to the front half. That’s it! A chic, unique updo in less than three minutes.

  • Natural Fauxhawk

Here’s a genius hairstyle that only natural-haired beauties can pull off. 

step 1. Start with air-dried hair. If it looks a little frizzy, no problem. That actually works for this look.

step 2. Part off a triangular-shaped section of hair right in front at your hairline. You’ll be parting off two more sections to execute this look.

step 3. Section off a middle section of hair from the top of each ear, and tie into a ponytail with an elastic.

step 4. Create a third section of hair in back, and tie off into a ponytail. Make sure to leave a very small section of hair loose in the very back.

step 5. Take that leftover section and twist it up to the nape of your neck. Pin it there with a bobby pin.

  • Sky-High Ponytail

The beauty of this hairstyle is how easily you can dress it up or down depending on the event. Or, go the evening route with a clean cat eye and an LBD. Either way, the style takes about three minute to execute.

step 1. Gather your hair into an ultra-high ponytail at the crown of your head, and secure with an elastic.

step 2. Stick two or three vertical bobby pins on the underside of the ponytail to keep the elastic lifted.

step 3. To keep your curls nice and bouncy, enhance the ends with a curl-defining cream. You can also prep damp curls with this product if you plan to wash it before styling.

  • Ponytail Illusion

It doesn't get much easier than this faux ponytail. This style is great, as it actually works better with unwashed hair. 

step 1. Grab sections of hair from below the nape of the neck, and pin them up to your head with bobby pins.

step 2. Repeat, section by section, until you've created the illusion of a ponytail.

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