Caring for your machine weft sewn-in hair extensions at home

Sewn-in machine weft hair are by far the easiest to maintain and also the least expensive of all Human Hair Extension. Having said that it is essential that we take adequate care of our hair extensions which greatly increases its shelf life. With optimal after care our raw hair Wholesale can last for over 1 year, giving us value for money.


  • Remove all tangles and knots from your hair extensions before stepping into the shower.
  • Use warm water to wash and rinse your hair extensions. Avoid using salt water or chlorine water as it causes long-term damage to your hair extensions.


  • Wash your hair extensions at least 3 times a week and for best results use only professional products.
  • Stand upright in the shower and apply the shampoo starting with the top of your head, moving onto the nape and then down to the strands. Focus on the weft lining as that is where the most oil and dust accumulates.
  • Rinse well removing all traces of the shampoo.
  • Use a professional conditioner to condition your hair. Avoid using conditioners with alcohol as it damages your hair extensions. Leave the conditioner on for at least 1 minute before washing off.
  • Finally, you can do a cool water rinse helping to seal in the hair cuticle and plus it leaves your hair shiny.
  • Towel dry gently and use a leave in hair conditioner.
  • In addition to this use a hair mask once a week for best results.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo every 3 weeks to clear oil and dust build up. Mix up half portion shampoo and half portion conditioner to make your very own clarifying shampoo.


  • At bed time, make sure to braid your hair into two side braids to prevent tangling in the hair strands.
  • To prevent damage from sunlight, always wear a hat when outdoors.
  • Don’t brush/comb your hair while it is wet.
  • Don’t bend your head and wash your hair in an upside-down fashion.

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