Which is the best blonde for you?

Only a little the population are naturally blonde, so it stands to reason that most blondes are getting a helping hand in achieving the look! But with so many blonde shades to choose from how do you know which one would be the best for you?
Choosing blonde hair shades to suit you.
The most important thing you’ll need to take account of when selecting the blonde hair shades that suit you best will be your skin tone. You should also take in to consideration your eye colour, the time of year and your lifestyle. Also, how much maintenance are you able to give to your new blonde hair.

  • Blonde hair shades for cool skin tones.

If you have fair skin and light eyes you can generally go for the lighter shades. In fact you need to avoid too much warmth as this can highlight the pink undertones in your skin and make you look flushed.


 Girls with fair skin like Gwen Stefani can really rock platinum blonde as it is close to their skin tone.


 If all over platinum is too bold, combine platinum highlights with golden blonde like Kate Upton.


 If you want a warmer colour, sandy is a good choice for fair skin. It’s rich and warm but without too much red or orange which can make skin looked flushed.

  • Blonde hair shades for medium skin tones

If you have a medium skin tone you have loads of choice because you can go either way – lighter or darker.


Platinum can work with medium skin tones too but team with darker, buttery blonde roots.


Caramel blonde is warm and will compliment medium skin tones beautifully. Add highlights and lowlights to give dimension like Miranda Kerr.


Sombré is perfect for those with medium skin tones like Jessica Alba.


  • Blonde hair shades for dark skin tones

If you have olive or dark skin you’ll need to avoid shades with too much white, platinum or orange as these will look unnatural. However caramel and golden tones will bring warmth to your face and are perfect for you.



Golden blonde looks fabulous with dark skin, and keeping the roots brown like Nicole Richie ensures you don’t look washed out.

A blonde for all seasons.
In general opt for lighter shades in the summer when you’re outdoors more. The sun casts a more yellow light at this time of year so you don’t need the extra warmth from your blonde. By contrast, in winter choose shades with more warmth and depth to replace the glow we’d get naturally during the summer.

 You can work through the warmer shades during the winter and spring before arriving at your light, summer blonde. This will be gentler on your hair and will also avoid it taking on an orangey / brassy tone in the process.

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