In a nice day, you’re making a breakfast for your children and you suddenly see the lice eggs on your daughter’s hair. You’re wondering why you wash frequently her hair, it still happens the lice eggs on hair? Please calm down and looking for some solutions.


Head lice and eggs – they are the vicious little pests we’re all too familiar with. Either you remember the dreadful battle with these little creatures when you were a kid yourself or you’re a parent having to go through it again! No matter what the case is we’re here to help you fight them and get rid of them!

  1.      Getting armed with the right information and tools to get rid of lice eggs on hair

If you want to know how to get rid of lice eggs and lice, you need to get access to the right information and also get the right tools. First of all, you need to know lice eggs look like and where they are located. Head lice lay lice eggs at the roots of your hair. It is the warmest and moistest place for the lice eggs to mature.

Lice eggs on hair look like little white or yellowish oval eggs. They are glued to the hair shaft with something called chitin. It is like a special glue lice use to make their eggs stick to the hair. This glue is hard to dissolve and live lice eggs are hard to remove from the hair. 


2.     Applying vinegar to unglue the lice eggs on hair

Cover the shoulders of your child with a white towel. Wet the entire hair with 6 parts of water plus 3 parts of vinegar. Vinegar dissolves the glue of the lice eggs, so they can easily come off the hair when combed out. Wet the entire scalp and hair from the roots down to the tips, so that you can remove dead lice eggs on hair also.


3.     Combing lice eggs out

 And now, how do you get rid of lice eggs on hair? First, sit your child in the bright light. Now you are ready to comb lice eggs out. If your kid has long hair, it has to be divided into thin locks. Each lock has to be combed going from the top. When you comb a stroke of hair, you should dip the comb afterwards into warm water with vinegar. This way you can wash off any lice or lice eggs from it.

When a lock is combed several times, you should put it aside from the infested hair. You may fasten it with a clip or braid it in a thin but tight braid. This would make it harder for lice to crawl back to clean hair.
Go through all the head and comb out lice and lice eggs on hair. This may take several hours to do. Make sure to entertain your kids during the process.


4.     Monitoring the treatment

 When the combing is finished, wash the hair and shampoo it well. Wash the lice comb and the towel in hot water. Let your kid change the clothes and wash them, too. Vacuum the floor where the combing was done.

Then, you should make sure to check your kid’s hair for live lice eggs on hair. Also be sure to repeat the treatment before 7 days after the first treatment, to make sure any live lice eggs that you may not have seen will not hatch and give birth to new lice.


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