Ombre means shadow or shading in French. It is a hair color characterized by being darker at the roots and gradually getting lighter towards the tips. Reverse ombre hair is the opposite of that – darker tips and gradually darker roots.

Kris Sorbie has usually credited with the invention of this technique about 18 years ago. Hair stylish used this term to refer to a style of hair in which the hair color gradually changes from on tone or shade to another tone or shade without a strong visible boundary in between the two colors.


Why Choose Ombre Hair?

Ombre is a great choice for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it is a low-maintenance hairstyle. Since root growth does not affect the ombre look you will be able to go several months without needing a touch-up job. Also, once you grow tired of it all you have to do is chop the tips off.

Second, ombre hair is still trendy. Ever since the trend began, there have been people proclaiming that ombre is over. Despite this, the trend is still very much alive, among both celebrities and the general population.

Third, ombre is less harmful to your hair since it is only applied locally, near the tips and not all over your scalp. This makes it easier on your hair and safe for pregnant women.


Fourth, it is usually safe for work. Unless you go for very bold colors such as purple and pink, ombre hair can look creative and unique without being unprofessional.

How To Care Ombre Hair

While ombre is a low maintenance hairstyle there are still few things you should do to take care of it. Make sure you use the right aftercare products. Keep your hair moisturized with a deep conditioner and use a color-extending shampoo. You should also use a hair styling protector before using a flat iron or blow dryer.

Ombre HairStyles

Ombre hairstyle looks best at long hair locks but can be done on short hair also. Long hair looks better because Ombre shade looks much more defined and visible on long floating hair strands. Also when the length of hair in long, there is more capacity available for the gradual descents of the shade but it does not mean that people with shorter hair cannot have Ombre shade. They can also go Ombre easily and it will look beautiful without a doubt!


Ombre shade suits all color of outfits. You can easily get that hair style without worrying about your everyday styling. It is smart, chic, formal and very fashionable: all at the same time. Working women specifically like Ombre shade for this very reason. Ombre shade is very adaptable. It goes with the formal dressing requirements of the offices and at the same time looks very stylish and smart when they dress up for a party. Along with this, Ombre hair is easy to maintain in terms of the dying requirements.


With all these advantages another advantage of Ombre hair is that it suits all kind of hairstyles as well. As the shade descends from a darker to lighter tone, all hair styles look good in Ombre shade as each twist and turn off hair is more visible and upfront due to the gradually changing hair shade. Be it braid, bun or curls Ombre hair color will help your hairstyle stand out and look beautiful.

If you are still thinking about having or not having Ombre hair style, please go ahead. You will look beautiful as this hairstyle is for everyone. It’s trendy, elegant and fashionable and truly your thing!

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