You may have heard terms such as Remy hair, 100% human hair, single drawn hair, double drawn hair and with all of the different options, it could be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide which type of hair extensions are best for you to invest in.


                                                               WEFT HAIR FROM RAWHAIRWHOLESALE.COM

The best quality hair extensions are made from real human hair. Hair is processed and sewn in to pieces which are commonly referred to as wefts. Single drawn hair is drawn from the original source one time and placed in a weft. Most hair extensions are sold as single drawn due to the cost of production, making the hair extensions more economical. Hair strands are rarely of the same length with single drawn hair as shorter hairs are left on the weft, thus creating thinner ends at the bottom of the hair extensions.

This is generally acceptable when using hair extensions and a few inches can be cut off the bottom to even the hair out. Also, when it is installed and blended with your real hair, there shouldn’t be much of an issue if cared for and styled properly.

Keep in mind that single drawn hair extensions are thicker on the top and thin out near the bottom. This could make the ends appear thin and straggly, especially over time as you wear the hair extensions. Again, a nice cut from your stylist will make the hair appear more healthy and voluminous.


                                      STRAIGHT SINGLE DRAWN WEFT HAIR FROM RAWHAIRWHOLESALE.COM                

Double drawn hair undergoes an additional process during manufacturing. The shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. The alternative is to cut the human hair at the ends so that fullness remains the same from top to bottom and then the hair is sewn into the weft. This significantly increases the quality of the hair extensions and provides for a more healthy full appearance of the hair extensions.


                                         STRAIGHT DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR FROM RAWHAIRWHOLESALE.COM


                                         WAVY DOUBLE DRAWN WEFT HAIR FROM RAWHAIRWHOLESAE.COM

Either hair extension method is suitable for wear (single drawn or double drawn), with double drawn giving a greater quality of hair extension. Single drawn is the most commonly hair extension type on the market due to less work involved in processing and manufacturing, thus the lower price. You will pay more for double drawn hair, but the quality, volume and duration that the hair lasts you will far exceed single drawn hair extensions.


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