You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow to have a full set of long hair. Now you can buy hair weaving from the internet that made of natural hair, even virgin hair.

shine on with hair weaving

                          shine on with hair weaving

 1.What is hair weaves?

Weaves are synthetic (fake) or remy(real human) hair extensions that can be added to your own hair with different methods to add length or volume. They are supposed to look natural, so they can be expensive. Both the attachment method and the hair are supposed to help the weave look like your own.

What is hair weaves?

                                  What is hair weaves?

2.How to wash hair weaving?

If you decide to buy yourself either hair weaving or wigs, here’s how to clean and care for them:

The thing is that you have to think of your wigs or hair weaving as your own hair. And that means you always wash them with shampoo and using conditioner or other hair products, style them, brush them….everything you would do for your own hair.

Wash hair weaving

                                          Washing hair weaving

However, here are some things you should consider when washing your hair weaving or wigs:

 - Never scrub when washing them, it could cause tangling

 - Apply serum or leave-in conditioner

 - Air dry at low heat

 - Avoid using oily products

 - Don’t wash too often

 - Rinse, add conditioner and leave on for at least 5 minutes

 - De-tangle if needed, gently, with a wide tooth comb

 - Rinse

 - If the hair in the wig or weaving is dyed use a high quality shampoo for colored hair, as well as conditioner

 - If talking about hair weaving, keep them wrapped up while sleeping

how to wash hair weaving?

                                    How to wash hair weaving?

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