How to remove the bad smell of hair?

Have you ever walked by  a food cart on the street or a group of smokers , only to have the terrifying realization that the stench has fused with your hair? Yeah, it's pretty awful, especially if you just washed your locks. Whether you live in a city and pass hot dog stands every four blocks or live in the country and are hit with that distinct outdoor smell, your hair absorbs all kinds of scents.

Hair is made of protein and is porous and permeable, which means smells are easily absorbed. Some hair types are more susceptible than others. Your friend's hair might still smell like her strawberry shampoo at the end of the day while yours picked up a campfire, a cigarette,  and your dinner. How to remove the bad smell of hair?

Reason cause the bad smell of hair

Poor hygiene 

Poor hygiene is the most common cause of bad smelling hair. It allows for the build up of dust, dirt and microbes on the hair shafts and the scalp as explained above. The use of specialized hair care products to maintain the weaves, straight hair and hairstyles may further exacerbate the problem by trapping even more dirt and microbes.


Environmental factors are the main reasons cause the bad smell of hair. It differs to a large degree among individuals based to some degree on the climate, water quality, living conditions,  air pollution and sun exposure. Some microbes which are more commonly found in specific regions and certain situations may also be a contributing factor in an offensive hair odor. The effect of most of these environmental factors can be minimized with good hygiene and hair care. Wearing hats, caps and scarves over the head may also be another contributing factor to smelly hair. Lifestyle measures here as well, such as reducing the time the head is covered and exposing it to sunlight can limit the impact.

Hair Products

There are a lot of hair care products on the market with different purposes. These products are mainly styling gels,  hair oils and hair sprays . The consistency of these products make it ideal candidates to serve as a substrate for trapping dust, microbes and causes the dead skin cells to clump together. Other hair care products may include those to grow hair or make it thicker, keep the hair straight, change the hair color (dyes). Some of these products have strong chemical odors due to its constituent ingredients. Furthermore these products may irritate the scalp thereby leading to skin diseases which subsequently develops a secondary infection.

Below are some useful tips will help you remove the bad smell of hair:

Try your favorite essential oil for the bad smell of hair

If you're not integrating essential oils into your beauty routine, you're doing it wrong. Essential oils have been used for ages in beauty and wellness because they're awesome. Since they're concentrated, they pack a punch in the scent department and won't leave your hair feeling greasy. Choose your favorite scent: lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, orange,... and pour a few drops into your palm. Rub together and gently work it through your hair.

Try a few drops of your favorite essential oil

                                     Try your favorite essential oil for the bad smell of hair

Use lemon Juice to remove the bad smell of hair

If you have light hair, you can use lemon juice to neutralize the smell. Lemon juice can also highlight your hair, especially if you head out into the sun, so either avoid the sun or shampoo your hair immediately if you plan on going out.

lemon juice

                                Use lemon Juice to remove the bad smell of hair

Grab some dry shampoo

Every woman should have dry shampoo in their haircare routine, especially if you're following the golden rule of not washing it every single day. If you notice that your hair takes in a lot of odors, dry shampoo is a quick way to get them out. Spritz a little dry shampoo into your roots, leave it in for one minute, and then rub it into your scalp. This will help to remove the bad smell of hair and add volume.

Shampoo to remove the bad smell of hair

If your hair omits odor simply because it's dirty, wash your head daily if you have thinner strands and an oily scalp; those with a thicker mane can get away with every other day once the smell is under control. If your scalp is oily but your hair is dry, try a dry shampoo every day which soaks up oil on the scalp and leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. Washing is also important because it exfoliates dead skin cells that can leave flakes behind.

                                             Shampoo to remove the bad smell of hair

Use a little perfume

Using perfume to cover up gross smells is typically not the best idea, particularly if you're trying to mask body odor. Don't do that. But perfume is fine to spray on your locks if you're just dealing with a slight smell or need a refresher on your day-old hair. Pick something light and clean instead of a scent that's overly floral or sweet.

                                   Use a little perfume can cover the smell of hair

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