What is the origin of the hair?

Our hair is collected from 3 countries: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

How can we buy?

You can come to our company in Vietnam to collect the hair directly or buy online. We will ship the hair after your payment and you will receive the hair after 3-5 days from payment.

Which shipment do you use?

We use: Ups, DHL, Fedex, TNT, Cargo. It depends on your requirement, we will recommend with the best for you.

Which Payment methods can I use?

You can pay by Paypal, Money Gram, Western or Bank

How does hair last long?

           It lastes long at least 1 year and it depends on your care and usage

Can I dye or bleach or restlye the hair?

Yes, you can do well with this hair

Can I order sample before order bigger?

           Yes, you can order sample with some bundles firstly        

Does the hair have full cutile?

Yes, it has full cutile. We don’t remove cuticle so you can dye or restyle hair well.

Does 1 bundle hair from 1 donor?

No, 1 bundle from some donors

Can I return the hair?

Yes, you can return as soon as you receive the hair if the hair not like your agreement before

How is weight of 1 bundle?

1 bundle is often 100gram, but you can order as the weight you want.